The Life Of The Party

Some things just go together. Coffee and donuts. Wine and cheese. Good entertainment and a big celebration. We provide the latest and greatest state-of-the-art sound systems and equipment, play the best music, provide seamless transitions between activities, and keep the dance floor packed. Our DJs and master of ceremonies set the bar—and the energy!— high for the memorable night you always imagined.

Your DJ will:

  • Meet in advance to discuss your vision, your wedding celebration and help you set the mood and style of music you and your guests prefer
  • Manage all things related to sound at your event: assemble the sound system, conduct a sound check and make sure everything is working and sounding great before the first guest arrives
  • Act as your master of ceremony making sure your wedding reception sequence of events is delivered to perfection
  • Deliver announcements seamlessly throughout the celebration so that your guests focus on you and have a memorable experience
  • Select music that reflects your musical tastes and will produce a fun and unforgettable celebration
  • Constantly monitor the energy level in the room and speed things up or slow things down when necessary

Hearing is Believing

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Reception Entertainment
Reception Entertainment